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About: The Origin of Nuo

Nuo: An ancient Chinese custom marked by colorful performance and masked drama enacted by a priest or specially trained shamans as a means of exorcism to expel ghosts and bring good luck. It is a theatrical performance with a presentational aspect and a festival meant to gather people for the purpose of establishing ties and norms between heaven and earth, life and death, man and gods, the ruler and his subjects - a very prominent Chinese cosmological concept. Nuo is also a female Chinese name meaning “graceful”. Considered "spiritual tutors", professional Nuo performers are believed to be capable of wielding magic power to disperse evil demons, spirits and infectious disease. The whole ritual procedure includes inviting, welcoming and thanking spirits. Nuo performers wear masks painted with black, white and red in various countenances -- some amiable and others ferocious and frightening. Stylistic features and characteristics of the masks vary widely and reveal much about the regions, cultures and civilizations from which they come. The Nuo masks, as the major vehicles in the ritual to transmit a god’s power and benevolence to man, bear a potent, vivid testament of its link with Chinese ancient culture and its folk arts.

So, like the Nuo culture and performance, our goal is to establish a strong connection and a bit of magic with you our customers . Whatever your “mask” (lifestyle, fashion, culture, etc.) we promise to build products and a business that is simple, elegant and meaningful. And of course, keep away the evil spirits and bring us all a little good luck!



New Molded Sleeve for Kindle Fire by Nuo

New...Kindle Fire Sleeve!

The colorful and protective Nuo molded sleeve for Kindle Fire is constructed of molded, lightweight foam and features a 3D pyramid print on the front and back.  Also fits new Nook Tablet! Available in 3 two-tone colors.  SHOP >

New Molded Sleeve for iPad by Nuo

New items!  Molded Sleeve for iPad!

FEEL and SEE the difference!  The Nuo molded sleeve for iPad is constructed of molded, lightweight foam and features a Sunburst print on the front and back.  Available in 3 colors.  SHOP >

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